Course Overview

This class will be conducted 100% online. I do, however, encourage you to put together a reference guide for future use. Upon completion of the different supplier and destination series, you will receive certificates. You should print these out and add them to your reference guide. Upon completion of Xpedition, you will turn these reference guides into your employer so they can see your accomplishments. Save a tree and do it digitally if you prefer!

Policy and Procedures
To pass Xpedition you must complete all assignments, training, and programs, as well as turn in the final assignment. Work can be turned in early or late, as schedule conflicts arise. If 2 assignments in a row are not turned in, you will receive an email checking in and alerting you of your missing work. If 3 assignments are missed in a row your agency owner will also be included in the email. Getting assignments in on time is crucial to this course, as it is lengthy and requires discipline to finish on time. Some of the courses need the assistance of an agency owner for registration. This information will be detailed on the Xpedition website.

Private Facebook Group
Xpedition will be conducted through a private Facebook group. If you have not been invited to join the group, please feel free to search for the group and request to join or send an email to If you do not have Facebook, you will be required to create one in order to participate in this course. The group is meant for you to visit weekly (or daily) and participate in discussion assignments, submit homework, as well as use as a resource to learn from each other. Feel free to ask each other questions at any time. Please friend request “Amber Zakem MAST” to be added to the Facebook group.

Xpedition website
You will need to be familiar with the Xpedition 1 website. Go to to find the week by week instructions for this course, as well as additional information from suppliers, and links to websites that will be used throughout. This site will allow you to go to one place and access the course each week. It is password-protected, so only those who have paid for the course will be able to access it. Once you have submitted payment will you receive access.

You will have one week to complete each session. Each session consists of destination and supplier training, homework assignments, and discussion topics. This is meant to be a fun course, so please do not stress too much about the time requirements. I am happy to give extensions on assignments, as long as you are communicating with me and want to finish the course you will be able to do so.

The cost of this course is $150. You may send a check to the MAST office, or pay via credit card using the following link:
Once you click the link you will see a form to fill out with basic payment information. Choose the tab that reads “other” for payment type and enter $150 for the payment amount. Enter “Xpedition 1” under the description. If you send a check to the MAST office please send an email to, so we can make sure you can receive your logins and course materials. You cannot begin the course until payment is received.

Contact with any questions you may have. You will receive a weekly email detailing your assignments for the week once our course begins.