XPEDITION has really helped me see all the different sides of Mexico and the Caribbean so you really feel comfortable directing your clients to where they would enjoy going. XPEDITION shows you what area is best for which type of customers, what the history is of the area, and what the landscape/geography is like. It's been a huge help in making me more knowlegable about travel. Looking forward to more classes!
Brittany Bartelt

Xpedition was an awesome way to learn more about resorts and destinations that I didn’t know, that I knew already, and that I can’t wait to visit! I believe for new agents & agents that have been doing this for years, refresher classes like this is great! Changes are happening all the time! I feel like I will learn something new every day in the travel business, and that only makes it more interesting & fun!
Gina Richter

I am so glad I went through the Xpedition program. Not only did I learn how to be a better consultant, it opened my eyes to so many features I, as a new agent, never knew existed. MAST's Xpedition has given me the foundation I need to create a successful and rewarding business.
Rick Lyon

XPEDITION provided a great insight into the both the travel industry and the customer. I learned so much about different resort chains and destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean, which I have been able to apply with my clients. Thank you MAST!
Julie Sherwood